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All parents are dutifully concerned about their child’s development. We all want the best for our kids, not matter what age they are at, or what stage of development. Here at HEGURU, we have Child Enrichment Programs that cater to children of all ages – from Baby Enrichment, where we start the process of creative learning and stimulating the Right Brain tendencies of toddlers, to classes of progressing ages.

We at HEGURU aim to provide the world most powerful leading education to our students.

Course Timeline

Our Commitment to Provide the Best Enrichment Classes Singapore children truly enjoy

In Heguru Singapore at City Square Mall, we provide an enriching variety of child enrichment programs catered to all ages – from young babies and toddlers, to children who are preparing for, or are already attending school. Our comprehensive classes are specifically designed and formulated, using a scientific approach that has been proven to allow children to tap into hidden potential in their minds, even beyond their natural perceived abilities.

We view education for children in their early stages of development with great importance, especially in the first few years of a toddler’s life. Building the fundamental abilities in young children and teaching them to use their brain effectively through different stimuli and conditions, we cultivate an inquisitive mind and a strong passion for lifelong learning right from an early age.We strongly believe that the effects of a good baby enrichment for children at a tender age may be even more significant than providing premium learning contents and going to numerous supplementary classes later on,when the critical period for foundational developments have already been missed.

Provide our best enrichment classes Singapore parents highly rave about, and give your child a head start on the path to academic achievements and a fulfilling personal life.

Why is Baby Enrichment important?

Unique to our enrichment centre, our specially designed classes provide your infants and toddlers with the best start in life. Our lessons are comprehensive, and structured to stimulate a child’s brain to aid early development. This, in turn, lays down the foundation for the child’s mental capabilities to be built on in the future.

Integral in building this foundation for your infants and toddlers is our team of highly skilled instructors. Our instructors are trained to utilise the Heguru Method to guide the children in each class, stimulating their minds in fun ways, and allowing them to receive the most stimulation out of each session. All of our instructors are extremely friendly and approachable. You will find that it is not only your baby, but adults participating in the class will also find themselves wholesomely entertained in our fun-filled children enrichment classes.

In order to ensure a supportive learning environment, each Infant and Toddler Class is conducted by two instructors. With two teachers in the room at any one time, we can ensure that every child is provided for in our fast-paced lesson. Consequently, we pride ourselves to be the unique baby enrichment utilising this two-teacher approach.

Class contents include wide varieties of visual stimuli such as flashcards, lights and comprehensive videos, to interactive events such as song and dance movement. All this helps ensure that the infant engages fully with the class. The science behind this suggests that the stimulation of the infant’s right brain, through all of this activity, encourages their creativity. By using these various methods of stimulation in the classroom, we allow the infant to engage fully, expand their mental capacities for exploration, and hone their minds for future, untapped abilities.

Our Infant and Toddler Class will last around 50 minutes on average. You may think that this might be a long time for a toddler to stay engaged in a classroom environment. But our research has shown that this class duration is within an optimal time frame. We believe that engaging the child in a slightly longer session from an early age, we give them the best conditions in developing perseverance and concentration.

Enhancing the whole brain with Heguru Preschool Enrichment Programs?

The Heguru Preschool Enrichment programs help set your child up for early success by combining the capabilities of both the Right and the Left Brain of the child. Whilst the earlier Infant & Toddler Enrichment Program specifically taps into the child’s early right brain development, our comprehensive Preschool Enrichment programs provides further training for the child’s subsequent left brain development.

This will be achieved with the addition of creative worksheets during the classes. At the age of 5, the program will include up to 3 times more worksheets in each class. When they progress to classes at age 6, the classes will have 5 times more worksheets in each session. These creative worksheets are specifically structured with three purposes in mind: classroom work, revision, and homework. The worksheets are visually stimulating, and are fun and engaging for the child. We make sure that the worksheets themselves are not intimidating to the child, but stimulating enough for them without being too challenging.

Combining these creative worksheets with classroom activity, we allow the environment to stimulate both the Right and Left Brain of the child. Through visualisation and impression-making at an early age, we encourage the use of the Right Brain in the child. Then, by challenging the child with new, structured activity, we encourage the use of the child’s Left Brain. This accounts for every development in logical thought for the young child, and will lead to higher levels of comprehension in school, and eventually success in the workplace. The full development of both sides of the child’s brain sets him up for success academically, helps him achieve better grades in primary school modules, and helps him to attain the higher goals for success in work and life.

Heguru Primary Class: The Sustainable Foundation for all other Child Enrichment Programs

By the time a child enters Primary School, parents might feel that the child should concentrate fully on academic-based child enrichment programs. However, Heguru parents understands and firmly believes in the continuation of using our unique brain training to support their child’s learning in both academic and non-academic fields.

Our Primary Class is a culmination of the techniques and skills adopted from the previous programs – the Infant and Toddler Class, and the Preschool Class. Our next level of children enrichment classes require the students to put into practice skills what they have learnt, and in doing so, develop real-world skills and abilities. The class atmosphere is heightened and will be even more fast-paced, allowing for optimal levels of Right Brain development and activation.

At this level, our sessions will last an average of 90 minutes. Each session is divided into two separate parts. The first part of the session is designed with the specific intention of Right Brain stimulation, whilst the second part is for Left Brain stimulation at a high intensity. Heguru method builds on the underlying belief that this is the most effective way for the child to learn, as two sides of the brain will be challenged in close succession.

As with the Preschool Enrichment programs, there are worksheets specifically designated to promote and improve the child’s abilities in a supportive environment. Working in a big group of students with varied strengths and qualities, the child discovers his own strengths and weaknesses, becoming absolutely aware of his own skill-set and talents. It is our belief that this unique combination of stimuli and external factors enables every individual child to blossom in his own way. This outstanding approach based on studies of brain development sets us apart from various programs across the island, and exemplifies as one of the best enrichment centres in Singapore.

Contact our team directly today and discover how we can help enhance your child’s early cognitive development. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you directly in the future.

An enrichment centre in Singapore offers numerous cognitive development programs for children, which continually evolve over time. These centres aim to complement traditional education by providing additional opportunities for intellectual and artistic growth.

What Enrichment Centres Provide

Broad spectrum of programs:

  • Academic enhancement: Subjects include Math, Science, and Languages, among others, to put students in a position where they can excel above what they learn at school.
  • Creative and personal development: It incorporates dance, performing arts, music, and art to foster personal development and creativity.

Advanced learning tools: Equipped with modern technology like interactive whiteboards and digital libraries, these centres guarantee that kids have an understanding of the digital era.

Flexible learning environment: The setup allows for active engagement, critical thinking, and collaborative learning opportunities among the learners.

Accessibility and convenience: It is conveniently situated close to residential areas and easily accessible by public transit, ensuring frequent attendance.

Key Benefits of Enrichment Centres

Tailored learning: The enrichment centre in Singapore tailors its programs to address each student’s unique strengths and weaknesses, ensuring personal attention is given to every child.

Skill development: Life skill development includes children’s communication, leadership, and time management beyond academics.

Encouraging atmosphere: Qualified instructors maintain a supportive atmosphere that promotes learning and growth.