Primary Classes (Ages 7-12)

“Completion” of skills development and attaining true “independence”

Completing the ideal balance between Right Brain and Left Brain.
Give your child the “foundation” to excel in any field they may choose.

Primary School Class

The fundamental abilities of both the Right Brain and Left Brain cultivated through the developmental years in Infant & Toddler and Preschool Enrichment programs will be put into actual practice in the Primary Class.

The unique class atmosphere, along with the fast-paced lessons sets Heguru Primary Class apart from conventional children classes, which are usually academic focused.The energy and vibrancy of our special class activities enables our students to tap on their true potential of the Right Brain.

Our Primary Class is a weekly 90 minutes long session. Each session is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on Right Brain stimulation, while the second part stimulates Left Brain development with high speed activities. This succession of Right and Left Brain activation and association is second to no other brain development program in the world.

Primary 1

Contrary to the misconception that brain training is beneficial only at the child’s developmental first six years, continual stimulation and training of the brain has helped our primary and secondary school students maximise their brain capacity and maintain a competitive advantage with exceptional strength,especially in dealing with academic learning. With this continuous training, our students in the Primary Class are able to benefit from their outstanding memory skills, raise their academic results significantly, and attain higher grades even with less investment in revision time.

Primary 2

Progressively, using this brain training, Heguru students start to exhibit high-functioning abilities such as “Hado Reading” and “Instantaneous Memorisation Power” – both highly enviable and sought-after skills in learning. But apart from Right Brain development through extensive memory work and listening at high speeds, the key to awakening the full Right Brain potential is for students to be immersed in this unique class environment.


Primary 3

In each class, students are supported by members of the “Ichimankai” – children who are advanced in their Right Brain development – to assist them in completing creative worksheets. In this friendly and supportive setting, the Primary Class students are encouraged to achieve a high level of cognitive ability collectively.

The supportive environment in our children classes are also perfect to help students open up and discover their own unique personality traits. It is only through understanding their capabilities fully that these children begin to shine and adopt an independent spirit in learning.

In honing their language skills, Heguru has developed a system looking at 5 methods of reading:
(1) Reading aloud
(2) Intensive Reading
(3) Extensive reading
(4) Speed Reading
(5) Hado Reading


Primary 4

Each level of reading requires makes more intense demand on the Right Brain than the previous, and Hado Reading is the final skill and level they will attain. At this level, the students will have a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of the texts that they are reading. By using visualisation and their intuition, they will be able to grasp an in-depth understanding of the writer’s intention regarding the text.

Using these methods, we lay the foundation for the children’s language abilities. They will be able to further build, from these, their communication skills that will serve them for all future endeavours.

Primary 5

Our classes also instil in the children “an intuitive sense for mathematics” through “high speed processing skills”, which unleashes their potential for abundant innovation and creativity.

The Heguru Primary Class setup varies from large formulated classes, to private guidance session for individual or small group of students.


Through engagement of the right brain, the abilities of various domains are unleashed

  • Duration: 90 minutes per week
  • Child’s age: Age 7 years old and above
  • Number of classes: 42 per year


  • Actual training to open the right brain
  • Utilizing the power of the right brain to develop the left brain and bring forth its abilities
  • Definite increase in expansion of the powers of IGZ, IZ, and BZ
  • Increase in imaging power and the other powers derived from Hado Reading of books, text and instantaneous memorization
  • Lessons are given regardless of the children’s school year, so the varied kinds of stimuli will help each individual child to grow
  • Individual coaching system is set in place to bring success to each child

Parent Information Session

  • Course contents subsume prenatal exercises, dietary education and image trainning etc.

  • Course Contents are designed specifically considering best ways to communicate with would-be mom.

  • Course us exceedingly useful for the children who are yet to be born

  • Instructors advice the participants about varoius concerns of pregnancy.



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