Primary Classes (Ages 7-12)

“Completion” of skills development and attaining true “independence”

Completing the ideal balance between Right Brain and Left Brain.
Give your child the “foundation” to excel in any field they may choose.

Primary School Class

Both the abilities of the right brain and left brain cultivated through the Infant & Toddler and Preschool class are now being put into actual practice.

Unique class atmosphere set up in the fast-paced lesson demonstrates the professionalism of the teachers.

Our Primary Class lessons are 90 minutes in length. In each lesson, the first half is dedicated to Right Brain Development while the second half is aimed at training the Left Brain at high speeds. This provides unparalleled training for the Right Brain and Left Brain simultaneously by linking their two functions.

The students in the Primary class are able to leverage on their “outstanding memory skills”, raising their academic results significantly and attain high achievements with minimal study time invested in their daily lives.

With these skills, our students at Heguru go on to exhibit truly enviable high-functioning abilities such as “Hado Reading” and “Instant memory”. However, their Right Brains are not developed merely by extensive memorization or listening at high speeds.


By going through a massive amount of worksheets, and together with our “Ichimankai students”, who have already developed their Right Brain, we raise everyone’s ability levels through friendly competition and encouragement, regardless of age.

In order to fully develop their Right Brains, we must not only open them up and train them, but also provide the opportunities for students to discover and build on their own unique talents.


To train them in their language skills, we at Heguru teach children 5 methods of reading: (1) Reading aloud, (2) Intensive reading, (3) Extensive reading, (4) Speed Reading, and (5) Hado Reading. As they move up the numbers, the demands on their Right Brains become more intensive.

For example, they will be able have a sophisticated understanding of texts by utilizing their visualization and intuition skills to get an in-depth grasp of the writer’s intentions.

By means of these kinds of exercises, we create the foundations for their “communication skills”, important to them now more than ever.


We instil in our students “a sense for mathematics” and “high-speed processing skills”, enabling them to progressively develop abundantly innovative thinking and creative minds. Heguru’s Primary Class offers a variety of settings, from large classes to more private classes of a smaller size.


By engaging the right brain, it promotes the abilities in various domains.

  • Duration: 90 minutes per week
  • Child’s age: Age 7 to 12 years old
  • Number of classes: 42 per year


  • Actual training to open the right brain
  • Utilizing the power of the right brain to develop the left brain and bring forth its abilities
  • Definite increase in expansion of the powers of IGZ, IZ, and BZ
  • Increase in imaging power and the other powers derived from Hado Reading of books, text and instantaneous memorization
  • Lessons are given regardless of the children’s school year, so the varied kinds of stimuli will help each individual child to grow
  • Individual coaching system is set in place to bring success to each child

Parent Information Session

  • Course contents subsume prenatal exercises, dietary education and image trainning etc.

  • Course Contents are designed specifically considering best ways to communicate with would-be mom.

  • Course us exceedingly useful for the children who are yet to be born

  • Instructors advice the participants about varoius concerns of pregnancy.



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