Our Team

Heguru @ City Square Mall (Previously Heguru @ Novena) work with the cardinal aim of nurturing the children at a very tender age while supporting their optimum brain development. We aim to create talented people who will become leaders in this world and make meaningful contributions to the society and their country. We possess a team of dedicated professionals who work with care and warmth for cultivating the right brain development in our young learners.


Principal Jerris

Degree of Bachelor of Accountancy

Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Language and Literature

Principal Jerris possesses Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Language and Literature National Institute of Education (NIE) from where she graduated with Distinction in Practicum. In her years with Ministry of Education, she taught Chinese Language to children from 6-12 years of age, and also handled several responsibilities to lead and organize school and overseas events for both students and external stakeholders.

Apart from strong love for dance and music, Jerris possesses extraordinary communication and interpersonal skills which have helped her interact effectively with students of all ages in her more than 10 years long in education. But, being an educator she also came across some less privileged children in Singapore, and this had motivated her to search for programmes which can help children in their developmental years. Brain training, she has concluded, is the key and will be able to help children improve their academic progress in later years of life.

Being personally inspired and trained by HEGL Japan, Jerris is fully committed to inculcate Heguru education with great love and care among the children. Jerris is very passionate to teach children in a fun oriented way and ensuring that learning is engaging for the children.


“I believe that every child is a unique individual and have their own special aptitude. It is my desire to help children a love for learning from a young age and help them discover their passion.”

Teacher Angelina has a strong passion for working with children and she applies her psychology knowledge to work with children. With her advanced knowledge and skill, she is able to understand and work well with her children and bring out the best in every child by stimulating them to become lifelong learners.

With her pleasant and enthusiastic personality, Teacher Angelina makes a spectacular professional in training young learners with the right brain development. She wants to be part of her students’ growth and development and wants them to have a successful future.

She is a very warm person and she treats her students with a lot of care. She loves interacting with both parent and child. Her goal is to give students the right training through fun-filled ways and she strongly believes that children learn best through play.


“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

– Anthony J. D’Angelo

Teacher Wei Quan believes that the quality of education a person receives in early life is indispensable in bringing out that person’s potential, and that all children should have access to quality learning and care.

Teacher Wei Quan believe in the power of doing- as much as inspiration and motivation get makes him feel more compelled to, nothing is a bigger motivating factor than the momentum gained from executing.

Teacher Wei Quan ensures every child gets the best by putting in his full effort to prepare for classes.

Teacher Wei Quan has a natural hunger to learn and innovate. He loves what HEGL does and am exicted to bring in new ideas for its even brighter future.

Teacher Wei Quan’s enthusiasm to work with children, proven instructional acumen, devotion to education and exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills makes him a perfect contender as a HEGL teacher.


“Teaching is not just merely an act of transferring knowledge, there has to be joy and understanding added with sincerity.”

Teacher Xinyi aspires to connect and establish strong bonds with her students in order to attain a deeper comprehension of how she can better attend to different students’ unique needs. Her patience and sincerity helps her to become a strong and dependable pillar to support students on the path of excellence.

Her warmth and strong faith in the child enables her to reach out closely to her students, connecting with their emotions and guiding them to slowly open up. She aims to become an exemplary role model for her students, and possesses unwavering faith that her students are able to develop into thoughtful and kind-hearted leaders who are able to assist and lead individuals with empathy.


Teacher Jesslyn looks forward to every moment of interaction with the students. She strives to contribute meaningfully to a child’s development and progress, which serves as a vital source of motivation in her teaching journey. Her adoration for the little ones allows her to foster a strong connection and rapport with her students, enabling them to warm up and feel at ease by her side. With Heguru’s teaching methods and philosophy, she looks forward towards moulding a child’s character and inculcating positive values in them.


“I believe in my potential to excel and surpass the current me. For that, I am immensely grateful for the multitude of opportunities and challenges that comes along my journey of growth as a teacher.”

Inspired by great challenges and results, Teacher Liang Wen constantly set her sights in overcoming limits and hurdles; whatever that may come across her way, befitting the very image of an exemplary Heguru instructor! Striving forward with great strides, she participates actively in nurturing her students through every lesson with her infectious positivity and energy!


“It was a joy watching over my students’ accumulative growth and progress with each passing lesson. Witnessing their tremendous improvement ignited and set off a burning desire ablaze within me to further hone my abilities and grow alongside them as a teacher.”

Wishing for the happiness and growth of her students, Teacher Felicia embarks on a set of great initiatives and efforts to achieve the best for them! Endowed with a great capacity to foster mutual understanding and deep connections, she sows the seeds of learning within young, impressionable minds and watches over their development with delight and content on her face.