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Top 10 Best Enrichment Centres in Singapore

Parents are often looking for methods to help their kids grow beyond the typical school setting. That is where an enrichment centre in Singapore becomes very invaluable, as they offer a broad program that not only develops academic skills but also furthers personal development and creativity. These centres provide a variety of programmes that are tailored to the individual requirements and interests of kids, making education enjoyable and advantageous.

Heguru Centre: Unleashing Child Potential Through Right Brain Development


Heguru Centre is a leader in the development of the right brain, providing customised programmes that improve cognitive abilities including creativity, memory, and focus. The philosophy and approach of the centre are designed through years of research, practice, and development in the scientific area of neurological education. Heguru’s teaching strategies are intended to help kids reach their full potential and see quick, noticeable gains in their capacity to learn.

Children at Heguru participate in engaging sessions that activate the brain’s right hemisphere, which is linked to creativity and intuitive thought. The activities are fast-paced and varied, ensuring that children are constantly challenged and never bored. This stimulation is critical in the early years when the brain is most malleable and open to new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

Address: City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road, #06-01, Singapore 208539 (Nearest MRT station: Farrer Park)

Phone: +65 6509 1961 / +65 8128 2697

Operating Hours: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm (Wed-Fri) and 8:30 am – 6 pm (Sat-Sun)


Happy Train: Nurturing Early Development with a Focus on Brain Training


Happy train is the leader in children’s enrichment centres, with programs designed for brain training in young minds. It takes a holistic view of the development of children, aiming at the development of the intellectual and emotional quotient from tender years.

The approach of happy train includes participation in activities that can help boost a child’s brain function, hence enhancing the memory, concentration, and problem-solving ability of a child. The dynamically developed teaching materials make the learning process interesting and catching. The set of games and interactive activities that the Happy Train has prepared involves children and the learning process is much more interesting.

Address: 87 Beach Road, Chye Sing Building, #05-01, Singapore 189695

Phone: +65 6336 5080


Operating hours: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm (Wed-Sun)


My Gym: Strengthening Young Bodies and Minds Through Structured Physical Activity


Physical development is equally valued with intellectual development, and that is exactly what ‘my gym’ programs touch upon. It provides well-structured physical activities that will strengthen a young body and mind. In the My gym programs, the core strengthening is focused on coordination and agility through exciting and challenging activities.

This not only enhances physical health but also enhances neurological development since physical activity is known to boost brain function. My gym has a supportive, lively environment to give children the courage to take risks and push limits with safety. This helps to nurture confident individuals not afraid to explore their capabilities. This has made sure the classes are customized for ages; therefore, it will serve every child at his or her stage of development.

Address: 681 Punggol Drive, #03-02/03/04 Oasis Terraces Mall, Singapore 820681

Opening Hours: 9 am – 6 pm (Mon Closed)

Phone: +65 6787 1178


Julia Gabriel Centre: Empowering Young Minds Through EduDrama®


The Julia Gabriel Centre has redefined learning for children with the EduDrama® methodology at their enrichment centre. The innovation of bringing drama into education for more effective communication skills is presented to children in the hub’s interesting, immersive environment. The core belief at the centre is about the empowerment of children towards betterment in speech, language, and social, with the aid of theatres and story-telling, role-plays, and improvisation.

Programs have been developed to empower expressive communication that grows confidence. The children will learn to express themselves clearly and communicate actively in all circumstances. The centre’s passionate approach to each class demonstrates its commitment to cultivating a love of learning and communication, which is well-received by both children and their parents.

Address: 583 Orchard Road, #04-00 Forum, Singapore 238884

Phone: +65 6733 4322



EDOOVO: Interactive Online Learning for Young Minds


EDOOVO goes beyond the frontier of online learning to bring an interactive and engaging class for young learners. Understanding how the educational environment is changing, EDOOVO uses technology to provide a complete curriculum that can compete with traditional classroom settings. The platform has core subjects such as English, Chinese, and Math—all basics to make a child’s life comfortable at home.

The platform is unique by nature, fused with games and activities that make learning interesting and memorable. Even in a virtual setting, children benefit from the active interactions they have with their instructors and peers, which helps them develop social skills. This coupled with the EDOOVO approach makes the students stay focused and remain driven to explore new concepts with interest.


Operating Hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm (Mon-Fri)


Crestar Learning Centre: A Hub for Diverse Learning Opportunities


Crestar Learning Centre provides several enrichment programs, from dancing, music, and art, to language and other kinds of interests. Kids will be able to pursue their dreams and even find new interests. This depicts the total commitment of Crestar towards nurturing creativity and talent with a personalized approach to development for every learner.

Classes at Crestar are designed to challenge the student yet provide him with the tools to succeed. The experience helps students develop competence and build confidence, whether it is dancing for the first time for a new routine or trying out the subtle nuances of the language. Children are inspired to push boundaries and succeed in whatever they do in this nurturing atmosphere.

Address: BLK 87 #04-302, Marine Parade Central, Singapore 440087

Phone: 6344 4588



Tree Art: Cultivating Creativity and Artistic Skills in Children


Tree art education is transforming conventional art education, as it defies children expressing themselves only with paper to break that monotony. This school embodies that art is an expressive outlet for personal and cognitive development. This enables the students to advance their fine skills and visual-spatial understanding through the various artistic ways that they are exposed to.

The Tree art curriculum is designed for inspiration. Every class offers a new theme and new materials to think creatively and start producing original work. The comfortable atmosphere gives way to trials, hence developing a proud feeling in the child for the artistic work.




ARTARY: Providing a Progressive Art Learning Experience


ARTARY is a prestigious art school that provides a disciplined yet creative learning atmosphere. Its progressive approach ensures each student attains skill development at their pace, embedded in the curriculum that allows for opportunity and exploration in mastering various art forms. ARTARY aims to go beyond providing simple art classes to learn how to paint or draw; it prepares the student to enjoy art.

At ARTARY, students are trained to look at art as a means of establishing connections with their surroundings. The lessons come with talks on other cultures and history, meaning that the student’s knowledge and level of perception of the artistic world increase in this way. This method gives way to developing a very good base of knowledge and skills that empower the students in a way that they can express their thoughts and emotions through these creative outlets.


Nullspace: Leading Robotics Enrichment for Budding Innovators


One of the leading centres for robotics education, Nullspace offers one of the best platforms for young enthusiasts wishing to dive into technology. Specializing in robotics and coding, the centre offers programs that imply not only learning but also the promotion of innovation and creativity. Students will receive a sound background in engineering and programming, owing to practical projects capturing their interest and imagination, through a well-designed course curriculum.

Courses are designed with the most needed problem-based and critical-thinking learning approach methodologies for students in this technology-pervading world. Working on real-time projects helps apply learned knowledge in the most challenging and rewarding ways. This is a very hands-on approach, meaning learners get to actually see the effects of their labour, thus building confidence and enthusiasm for STEM.

Address: 35 Rochester Drive, #03-07, Singapore 138639

Phone: +65 6371 1783


Operating Hours: 10 am – 6 pm


The Lab: Coding and Robotics for the Next Generation


The lab is dedicated to equipping your child with skills for the future. The robotics and coding classes offered by this enrichment centre in Singapore are designed to develop young brains by teaching them the language of technology. The lab makes learning coding fun and exciting, ensuring that students are exposed to the fun aspect of learning and remain excited and motivated on the learning journey.

The lab has a curriculum that strikes a balance between theoretical knowledge and the practical application thereof. This helps students to learn coding and robotics to apply in various forms of creative projects. The Lab’s dedication to innovation is demonstrated by its utilisation of modern technology and kid-friendly teaching strategies.

Address: Kinex Mall, 11 Tanjong Katong Road, #03-01/02 Singapore 437157

Phone: (+65) 8488 7017


Operating Hours: 11 am – 7 pm (Wed-Fri) and 9 am – 6 pm (Sat-Sun)


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