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blog-details 12 May 2019

Why starting your child on right brain training before 1 year old is the best?

“What is the best age to start my child on Heguru right brain training?” “Is my child too young for right brain training?”

These are the common questions that parents will always have in mind.

What is the best age to start children on brain training program. The key is between 0-3 years old. To be exact, below the age of 1 year old is the best. We first need to understand about children’s brain growth and development.


Brain development and Early Brain Development

A human brain is made up of millions of brain cells. Surprisingly, a baby’s brain is born with even more brain cells than an adult brain. Starting from before birth and during the baby’s first year of life, these overproduced brain cells (proto-brain) rapidly develops trillions of connections among themselves. This connections formed between the brain cells will determine how a child thinks and behaves.

However, not all brain cells and connections will remain as child grow. Unused brain cells and connections will eventually be eliminated and go through a process of synaptic pruning. It is found that connection during adulthood will be reduced to half of that at aged one. Therefore, it is important to build massive connections between the brain cells when the brain cells are developing rapidly.


How does Heguru’s brain training helps in early brain development

Connections between brain cells can be strengthened through life experiences and positive stimulation. The amount of stimulation we provide to a child is directly correlated to the connections that we are forming in the brain.

A weekly Heguru class taps on the nature of how a child’s brain develop. We provide an intensive stimulation to the brain by using a large amount of information, from a diverse range of contents. Heguru brain training helps strengthens connection between the brain cells and enlarging the usable vessels of the brain. With this strong connection that is formed, children will develop a strong and fit brain that will aid them in healthy cognition, mental function and memory throughout their life.

The best age to create a strong and extensive connections between brain cells is before the age of 1 years old. This is the reason why some parents have chosen to start their child on the right brain training as young as 6 months old to reap the maximum benefits of our program.



Brain Development – How Your Child’s Brain Grows. By Parenting For Brain.

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